"Everyone wants to work for a big company.
But the real successful people, they build a company.
and they cannot do it alone!”

At M&A Viet Nam, besides giving you chances to practice your expertise, we also give you chances to participate in the projects that can make an impact on the legal market.

We consider CREATIVITY is the most important factor to build a successful company. 

It’s not just a job advert. It’s really what we are doing: 

  • We’re building a legal online system to help clients reach our business in a fast way without waiting for the quote, signing contract, or meeting. 
  • We’re building a special investment portal to help foreign investors learn to do business in Vietnam in an easy way.
  • We’re building an M&A platform to help buyers and sellers meet each other.

Our formula of SUCCESS

People + Creative Strategy + Technology

We have the Creative Strategy and Technology. The only missing piece is YOU.

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