Corporate Secretary

Introducing Corporate Secretarial services

Companies must remain compliant with statutory and legal obligations at all time. As regulations are increasing and quickly evolving in Vietnam, it is challenging to keep up to date. Nonetheless, managing administrative tasks, your documentation or monitoring your compliance can be achieved by setting up clear and effective procedures from the start.

Why choose Us?

  • Founded in 2012, M&A Viet Nam became one of the most recognized company in Vietnam. Its success has notably been achieved by assisting foreign investors (90% of our clients) to navigate within Vietnam’s complex legal framework, to minimize legal risks and to always stay ahead of changes in the law;
  • We always like to hear and continue to improve our service quality at a reasonable fee to meet the growing expectations of our clients, which are reflected through reputable.
  • Among M&A Viet Nam’s outstanding strengths, it is worth mentioning its strong relationships with governmental agencies in Vietnam and its ability to provide effective solutions in the fastest way;
  • Likewise, we partner with leading advisors and service providers to deliver complete and tailored solutions to our clients;
  • Our Clients can define their requirements, supervise, and evaluate the progress through M&A Viet Nam’s CRM system. Most payment methods are available (cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal).