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List of technologies restricted from transfer in Vietnam – Appendix II

(Promulgated with the Government’s Decree No. 133/2008/ND-CP dated December 31st, 2008)

Technologies transferred from abroad into Vietnam and within Vietnamese territory

Technology for manufacturing inert gas filament lamps.
Technology for manufacturing vacuum electronic components, low-integrated semiconductor components.
Technology for isomerization using fluor hydric acid or sulfuric acid as a catalyst.
Technology for manufacturing titanium oxide powder using sulfuric acid.
Technology for manufacturing one-layer or two-layer printed circuits.
Technology for printing money and par-value papers.
Technology for producing plant varieties or animal breeds by the genetic modification method in agricultural production, forestry or fisheries.
Technology for manufacturing domestic-use germicides, insecticides and rodenticide by biological methods.
Technology using toxic chemicals in aquatic product rearing, culture and processing.
Technology using non-aboriginal species as environmental treatment agents or indicators.
Technology for enriching radioactive substances.

Technologies transferred from Vietnam abroad

Technology for breeding, rearing and culturing aquatic products being key exports.
Technology for manufacturing foodstuffs by traditional methods using microorganisms with precious and rare properties.