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Procedures for Entry Into Viet Nam to Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still complicated and shows no sign of stopping. In Vietnam, foreigners who are managers, experts, technicians, executives, and their relatives can enter into Vietnam, provided that they strictly comply with the processes and procedures in place.

Currently, foreigners are allowed to enter into Vietnam in two cases:

  • To work for a long term (more than 14 days); and
  • To work for a short term (less than 14 days).

In this article, M&A Viet Nam only mentions the process for foreigners entering Vietnam to work for a long term (more than 14 days) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Step 1: Request for entry into Vietnam approval

Foreigners need to apply for an official letter of approval from the provincial level People’s Committee allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam. The application for entry must be sponsored by an organization established in Vietnam and submitted to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. This application includes information such as the number and information of foreigners intending to enter, time and airport of entry, etc. This authority will gather the information and submit it to the provincial level People’s Committee (“People’s Committee“) for review and decision.

The time to conduct this step will take from 14 to 22 days depending on the approval authority’s progress and the pandemic situation. In case of approval, the People’s Committee will issue an official dispatch on entry allowing the foreigners to apply for thei visa.

Step 2: Flight tickets and quarantine hotel bookings

After receiving the entry into Vietnam approval, foreigners can book their flight tickets. In case of opting for a paid quarantine, foreigners can then book any hotel designated by the People’s Committee as a quarantine facility and book their airport/hotel shuttle. Foreigners need to confirm the flight, hotel and shuttle booking before the next steps.

Step 3: Visa application

After receiving the official letter of approval at Step 1 and having all bookings in place (Step 2), the sponsoring organization can submit an application for visa issuance approval at the Immigration Department.

If the application is approved, the Immigration Department will fax the visa issuance approval to the diplomatic mission of Vietnam (Consulate or Embassy) where the foreigners are residing and will receive their visas.

Step 4: Register the quarantine plan

After receiving the approval from the Immigration Department at Step 3, foreigners must register their quarantine plan at the International Health Quarantine Center. The minimum time to register is at least 3 days before the expected date of entry. However, M&A Viet Nam recommends conducting this procedure as early as possible. The International Medical Quarantine Center will notify medical authorities at the airport to prepare the foreigners’ arrival.

Step 5: Enter Vietnam and quarantine

Before flying, foreigners must provide a certificate of being free from the SARS-CoV-2. After getting off the plane in Vietnam, they will be taken directly to the registered quarantine location by a specialized vehicle and undergo medical quarantine for 14 days. During the quarantine period, foreigners will have to pass several Covid-19 tests. If all tests are negative after 14 days, the foreigner will be granted a certificate of completion of the medical quarantine program by the quarantine management authority.

The above information is based on M&A Viet Nam’s experience on assisting foreigners entering into Ho Chi Minh City during the Covid-19 pandemic. In case foreigners plan on entering Vietnam at another location, the above procedures might be adjusted in accordance with local applicable regulations.

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