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Transaction Covid 19 – Procedure for Entry to Vietnam

“In the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which is showing no sign of stopping. Each case of infection to the community has a profound impact on the life as well as the economy of the country. Thus, the Government of Vietnam is still trying to achieve the dual goal of “Both fighting the epidemic and developing the economy” to create a safe environment for people and enterprises.”

On the other hand, foreigners who are managers, experts, technical workers, executives and relatives of the above subjects to enter Vietnam must strictly meet the quarantine procedures in accordance with current regulations.

Currently, the regulations on entry into Vietnam for work are divided into two cases:

  • Foreigners entering Vietnam for long-term work (more than 14 days);
  • Foreigners entering Vietnam work short-term (less than 14 days);

In this article, we will guide the full process for foreigners entering Vietnam for long-term work (more than 14 days) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Step 1: Apply for approval to enter Vietnam.

Foreigners need to have the following conditions to apply for entry to Vietnam:

  • The approval dispatch of the People’s Committee of the city allows investors to enter Vietnam includes information on the number and information of foreigners intending to enter the country, time, entry airport, etc.;
  • The foreigner must have a unit to guarantee, prepare and submit the application for entry to the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and documents proving the entry of the foreigner;

Duration: 7-21 days depending on the convenience of the approval agency and the epidemic situation.

Approval unit: City People’s Committee (“People’s Committee“).

Step 2: Book flights and register for quarantine hotels.

After receiving the Approval Dispatch of the People’s Committee, foreigners can contact to book air tickets and make temporary tickets.

Next, in case of choosing a place of quarantine at an additional charge, the foreigner proceeds to book the hotel specified by the People’s Committee as a place of quarantine after entry. Foreigners are required to ask the hotel to print out a booking form to prepare for the next steps. In addition, foreigners need to register additional transportation from the airport to the quarantine place. Typically, the hotel in quarantine will provide these services.

*Local People’s Committee has issued a list of hotels serving this quarantine.

The next step, when receiving the approval letter and booking the air ticket, contact the guarantee unit for foreigners to submit the application for immigration settlement (Visa) at the Immigration Department (“Department of Environmental Protection”).

In case the application is approved, the WWMC will send a fax to the diplomatic representative office of Vietnam where the foreigner resides and return the results of the dossier at the Immigration Department within 05 to 07 working days.

At the end of this procedure, the foreigner will go to the diplomatic representative office of Vietnam where he/she has registered to receive the Visa and pay the administrative fee related to the issuance of the Visa.

Step 4: Enter Vietnam and quarantine

Foreigners on entry should prepare a SARS-CoV-2-negative confirmation (made in or have English as equivalent language) from the competent health authority 3-5 days prior to entry and make a medical declaration online prior to boarding. After entering the airport in Vietnam, you will be taken directly to the registered quarantine location by specialized vehicle and carry out medical isolation at this location within 14 days. During quarantine, foreigners will undergo between 2 and 3 Covid-19 tests. In case all tests are negative after 14 days, the foreigner will be issued a certificate of completion of the medical isolation program by the quarantine management agency.

Above is our guidance on foreigners entering Vietnam during the covid-19 epidemic. In case foreigners enter the airport in areas other than Ho Chi Minh City, the above procedures will be adjusted in accordance with the regulations of each locality. In case more specific advice is needed, please contact us for assistance.