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We have focused on Accounting, Tax, Intellectual Property, Corporate and M&A deals related to enterprises operating in various sectors such as services, retailing, manufacturing, technology, hospitality or food & beverage.
For more than 8 years, we have helped many investors from Japan, Korea, China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, UK, etc. to be successful with their investment projects in Vietnam.

Company Establishment

When investing in Vietnam, foreign individuals or companies can setup a company, a joint-venture or acquire existing capital or shares. As foreign investment is still regulated, it is important to understand Vietnam’s legal framework and define a specific strategy.


Business owners always need bookkeeping and accounting to maintain the stability of the company’s finance. Following accounting principles is also essential to the success of all businesses.


Every company, association, firm all need human resources, employees. Employees relations and compensation are the fundamental steps on how you build a strong, solid business. So, it is very important to find a proper solution handle the needs of your business.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights (“IP rights”) are key assets to all companies. Protecting them in Vietnam has always been a challenge because of the limitations of the local legal system. The protection of intellectual property rights is still insufficient and the sense of respect for intellectual property rights is not high.

Post Licensing

Some business sectors can be subject to further sub-licensing requirements or some procedures can be required during the operations of the company. Obtaining the required sub-licenses is mandatory before operating the related business sectors to avoid any liability, administrative fines or even the suspension of the company.

Corporate Secretary

Managing administrative tasks, your documentation or monitoring your compliance can be achieved by setting up clear and effective procedures from the start.

Nominee Services​

Appointing a local nominee as owner/shareholder of the company can avoid restrictions on foreign investment and shorten the time required to establish the company.


M&A deals always contain many risks due to hidden internal problems of each party and of the degree of rapid integration between the parties once the M&A deal is closed, especially for cross-border M&A, where enterprises face different business practices and legal systems. The difference of legal systems is one of the main reason of post-deal failure and enterprises should consider it carefully.

ngan pham mavietnam

Pham Thi Kim Ngan

Internal Control Executive

Mrs. Ngan is highly appreciated by our customers for her practical efficiency in assisting their businesses to comply with accounting and tax regulations in Vietnam while still ensuring maximum profits for their companies by capitalizing on tax incentives

Rachel Phan mavietnam

Phan Thi Chuc Y (Rachel)

Accounting - Tax

Having worked in accounting and taxation for businesses in many different fields, Ms. Y has extensive experience in helping foreign investors’ clients solve accounting and taxation issues when doing business in Vietnam.

Mia mavietnam

Banh Anh Nguyen (Mia)

Administration - HR

Her skillful application of practical experience and cultural understanding helps businesses with foreign workers manage and balance the interests of investors and employees well, avoiding internal conflicts that affect normal business activities of the enterprise.

Hana mavietnam

Hua Thi Minh Thu (Hana)

Customer Service Administrator

Mrs. Thu understands how to arrange and utilize Human Resourcein different companies. So, she helps clients to monitor and manage the labor issues of businesses from building processes and forms to internal management documents.

Kelly mavietnam

Nguyen Ngoc Dan Thuy (Kelly)

Communications Administrator

At M&A, she is currently in charge of for clients satisfied, supervising internal compliance of clients and worked on behalf of clients to help them manage labor, branding and identity development, project management, social media, digital advertising…

She has joined M&A Viet Nam in early 2018 and in charge of investment, corporate, intellectual property, compliance and other activities of enterprises.

Hoang Tran mavietnam

Tran Van Hoang (David)

Legal Specialist

During his time at M&A Vietnam, he has been in charge of implementing and supervised M&A Vietnam’s legal services to foreign clients from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore…

He has extensive knowledge and practical experience by practicing in Vietnam for enterprises and investment consulting. At M&A Vietnam, he handles the cases for both of domestic clients and foreign investors.


We understand your concerns when investing in Vietnam. Please share your concerns as we want to work with you to resolve the issues you care about.

We want to contribute to the set up, building & growth of your business in Vietnam with our experience, competence and integrity in activities of M&A, Consultancy Solutions and Corporate Administration includes but is not limited to services of Company Establishment, Accounting & Tax, HR-Admin, etc.  We really want you to develop stably & successfully in Vietnam.

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Among our outstanding strengths, it is worth mentioning its strong relationships with governmental agencies in Vietnam and its ability to provide effective solutions in the fastest way;


Likewise, we partner with leading advisors and service providers to deliver complete and tailored solutions to our clients;


Our Clients can define their requirements, supervise and evaluate the progress through our CRM system. Most payment methods are available (cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal).