Ethics Policy

M&A Viet Nam is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards to provide legal services in a professional and trustworthy manner by following a set of core values to ensure that we make the right decisions for our clients.

This Ethics Policy may not cover all the legal or ethical issues we may encounter. If any confusions arise, we will refer to the Rules of Professional Ethics and Conduct of Vietnamese Lawyers.

Our core values are to:

Be respectful: We do not discriminate

We welcome and work with people of any genders, nationalities, cultures, sexual orientations, ages and religions. We respect the dignity, autonomy and privacy of all our team members and clients, and we are committed to making M&A Viet Nam an environment free of bias and discrimination.

Be excellent: We are reliable

M&A Viet Nam’s team is dedicated and experienced, equipped with legal knowledge and professional skills to protect our client’s rights and interests. We provide services under legal service agreements with specific and clear provisions.

M&A Viet Nam is also committed to the continuous professional development and training of its team members in order to always match and even go beyond our client’s legal and business requirements.

Be honest: We preserve our integrity

We are careful to remain independent, honest and objective at all time. We shall never deliberately mislead or deceive our clients through any misrepresentations, overstatements or selective omissions. If we are professionally incapable of providing a legal service, we inform the client immediately.

We always keep the best interests of our clients in mind and will not encourage clients to undertake unnecessary lawsuits or undergo unnecessary legal procedures due to any personal or material interests.

We engage in fair professional competition in accordance with Vietnamese law and professional ethics and will not engage in any unfair competition practices to compete for clients.

Be professional: We are dedicated

We never use our client’s assets for personal purposes, and strictly reject and condemn all forms of bribery. Clients would never be expected to give gifts to the responsible attorneys, or anyone related to the attorneys. Likewise, we do not receive money or assets from third parties to act or refrain from acting in damageable ways to our client’s interests.

A conflict of interest occurs when the interests of one conflict with the material or personal interests of another. We avoid representing a client if a conflict of interest may arise and shall not concurrently accept matters from clients whose interests are in opposition to each other.

Be responsive: We understand our clients

We implement all cases effectively and keep our clients informed. We always answer our clients’ inquiries in a timely manner and when possible within a few hours.

Be confidential: We respect our clients’ privacy

We protect the confidentiality of all information provided by our clients. We only request information or documents necessary to perform our services.

Please check our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy for more information.

Be compliant: We abide the law

We are committed to delivering legal services in a professional and dedicated manner by complying with Vietnamese laws, and the laws and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions.

We commit to protecting our client’s interests and never encourage them to breach laws or behave unethically. We refuse to provide legal services when we receive false evidence, or claims that are unfounded, unethical or illegal.

Be responsible: We are accountable

Each member of M&A Viet Nam’s team must comply with Vietnamese laws, the Rules of Professional Ethics and Conduct of Vietnamese Lawyers and this Ethics Policy. Their compliance is assessed regularly, and any suspected misconducts is reported to our management.

We maintain an open dialogue within the workplace and between us and our clients.

If you have any further questions regarding our Ethics Policy, please contact us at [email protected] .